8 Best Budgeting Apps for Couples to Grow Their Money Together in 2022

Best Couples Budgeting Apps to Manage Your Money Together

Approaching finances as a couple can be a challenging endeavor, especially if neither of you have ever had to make a concerted effort to tame spending. That’s where budgeting apps for couples can help.

While the thought of expense tracking with your significant other may seem daunting, fortunately there are numerous apps available to make the process painless and even fun!

Things to Consider When Picking a Budgeting App as a Couple

When trying to choose an app that will help you track where every dollar goes as a couple, there are a few considerations you may want to review with your partner:


This may seem like a no brainer, but some apps are geared toward iOS and others Android. If you don’t share the same phone technology, just be sure to double check the app is available and works well on either platform.


Determine what goals you have as a couple and find an app that will help you achieve those benchmarks. Are you simply looking to track each dollar or would you appreciate added functionality like investing or wealth management?

User Interface

Since you’re both going to be using the app frequently, make sure it’s intuitive and easy to navigate. Any frustration may prevent you from utilizing it long term.

Account Synching

Your budgeting app should be able to connect to all of your accounts in a way that you can use all its features.


With a wide range of options out there, naturally there will be free and paid apps. Decide as a pair whether or not the monthly cost is worth it, but generally the amount of money you’ll likely save will make a small splurge well worth the benefits!

The Top 7 Useful Budgeting Apps for Couples This Year

1. Mint

Couples budget app - Mint

We couldn’t create a list of top budgeting apps for couples without Mint, a highly acclaimed personal finance platform that has been around for years. With close to a million reviews of nearly 5 stars, there are few apps that can compete with Mint’s reputation and user-friendliness.

Highlights: 24/7 access to credit score, credit report summaries, personalized alerts, great for beginners, educational resources, simple interface, backed by Intuit (TurboTax, Quickbooks).

Cons: Some ads, no option to upgrade to a paid version at this time.

♦ Pricing: Free

Bottom line: If you’re new to budgeting or want a simple no-cost and well rounded option, Mint is the way to go.

2. YNAB (You Need a Budget)

Budgeting app for couples - ynab

YNAB is one of the best budgeting apps for couples wanting to take their budget game to the next level. As part of what is known as a “zero-based budgeting system,” every incoming dollar is assigned a purpose, shifting your mindset to be more intentional about where your money goes each month.

Additionally, YNAB claims that their average user saves over $6,000 in their first year of using their app! With claims like that, what is there to lose?

Highlights: 1 month+ free trial, with 12 months free for students, designed to help users crush debt, goal setting and custom spending categories, advanced security features, educational resources and free workshops

Cons: A bit more expensive than most options.

♦ Pricing: $11.99/month or $84/year with annual savings.

Bottom line: If you and your partner want to seriously take on getting rid of debt and sticking to a plan, YNAB has you covered. The weekly live free workshops are an excellent resource for learning about money topics you may be less familiar with too. With the amount you’ll save each year, this paid app is worth it.

3. EveryDollar

Couples budget app - Everydollar

Developed by personal finance guru Dave Ramsey, EveryDollar is a simple and functional money app that gets straight to the point. It follows Ramsey’s signature “Baby Steps” to get out of debt and build wealth which include:

  1. Build a $1,000 emergency fund
  2. Pay off your debts using the snowball method
  3. Save up at least 3-6 months of expenses
  4. Save 15% for your retirement
  5. Open college funds for your children
  6. Pay off the mortgage
  7. Build wealth and give back

Highlights: Simple and focused budgeting, focuses on Dave Ramsey’s approach to personal finance.

Cons: Limited time on the free trial version, a bit more on the expensive side vs. comparable apps.

♦ Pricing: $99/year.

Bottom line: If you’re a Dave Ramsey fan and want to utilize a tool that will help you stay on track with your steps and budget, this app is for you. While EveryDollar lacks some more advanced functionality of other options, it’s excellent for couples wanting to simplify their approach to budgets and getting out of debt.

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4. Zeta: Couples Finance

Couples budget app - Zeta

Finally, a budgeting app specifically geared toward couples!

With the unique considerations of partnering up in money management, ZETA has all the bells and whistles. For couples still wanting to keep some personal information private, Zeta allows users to highlight certain transactions as shareable. Couples can also label transactions with their own names as well as “ours.”

Highlights: Make bill splitting easy, maintain both separate and merged finances, bill calendar, memos for transactions, individual and shared budgets, joint bank account option through Radius Bank.

Cons: Still a work in progress with some features being developed, a little on the slower end.

♦ Pricing: Free

Bottom line: Zeta seems to have infinite potential as developers continue to improve the app. If you’re looking for one of the best budgeting apps for couples, Zeta is a top contender that offers a lot of functionality for free.

5. Goodbudget

Couples budget app - GoodBudget

Goodbudget puts a digital spin on the old school envelope method, categorizing your money into “envelopes” for specific purposes. For example, you can put away $100 into an envelope for eating out that month.

The nice thing is, Goodbudget syncs up to 5 devices (paid version), allowing convenient couple and family use for a streamlined shared experience. With both free and paid subscriptions, there are plenty of awesome tools to help you stay on track.

Highlights: Easy to use envelope system, break down budget by expense, helpful personalized reports, multi-user app.

Cons: Free version is restrictive, doesn’t sync to your bank accounts or credit cards, manual transactions can take some time.

♦ Pricing: Free version, paid version is $7/month or $60/year.

Bottom line: The envelope system can really simplify budgeting for couples and the entire family. Though this app is a little more high maintenance, it is perfect for beginners wanting a more hands-on way to manage their finances.

6. Honeydue

Couples budget app - Honeydue

Honeydue lets you manage your money with your partner and reach your goals together. Honeydue lets you track your finances by connecting your bank, credit, and investment accounts so you know exactly what’s going on with your money.

Highlights: With Honeydue, couples can collaborate on their finances, track all their accounts, and even chat in the app with each other. This makes things super easy for couples to have all their money communication and collaboration all in one place.

Cons: If you like to budget on your laptop/desktop, Honeydue does not have that feature yet. Currently, it’s only available as an app on your phone.

♦ Pricing: Free

Bottom line: Honeydue is a great app for couples who want to manage their money together as it gives them a wholistic view of their money. It has many useful features (like chatting in the app) that take the hassle out of managing money.

7. PocketGuard

Couples budget app - Pocketguard

If you and your partner are looking to curb spending and budget wisely, PocketGuard has all the tools you need to get started. This excellent app links all your accounts, credit cards, loans, and investments into one easy platform for reliable tracking.

There is also a popular feature called “In My Pocket,” which utilizes an algorithm to show how much you have available for spending.

Highlights: Helps you consider your income, savings, and upcoming expenses. PocketGuard also shows you where you might be able to negotiate better rates on your bills.

Cons: No phone support, not an ideal app for more complex finances, tailored ads may annoy some users.

♦ Pricing: Free version, Paid version is $4.99/month or $34.99/year.

Bottom line: PocketGuard without a doubt is one of the most useful budgeting apps of 2021, and couples can take serious control of their finances through intuitive features.

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8. Mobills

Couples budget app - Mobills

There’s hardly an option with a more beautiful user interface than Mobills, one of the top expense tracker apps that allows users to manage their bills and budget with a slew of incredible features. Couples trying to better manage their finances will find tons of value in this powerful app.

In addition to seeing all your accounts, income, expenses, and credit cards in one convenient dashboard, Mobills offers tools like custom categories, charts, reminders, and dream tools to make it an overall excellent all-in-one platform for personal finance.

Highlights: Simple budget setup, transaction and balance tracking, and saving plus advanced features and cloud synchronization.

Cons: Free version lacks some useful features.

♦ Pricing: Free version, paid version is only $24.99/year.

Bottom line: For couples wanting to get serious about tracking where their money is going, budget planning, bill paying, and saving, Mobills will surely be a favorite in no time.

Best Couples Budgeting Apps: The Lowdown

There’s certainly no one-size-fits-all when it comes to money management in your relationship. It’s important to sit down as a couple and determine high priority needs whether that is debt management or budgeting.

The seven apps we reviewed provide extensive options for achieving financial freedom together and making money less stressful. And remember, managing money shouldn’t be hard. With the right tools, it can be the easiest part of your financial journey.

The next time you and your partner have a ‘money talk’, try one of these budgeting apps to manage your money as a couple the right way!

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